Ken Atchity and Daniel Hall Present...
How to Sell Your Story to Hollywood!
(or: What Will Doom It to Eternal Obscurity)

Thursday August 16th

7PM Eastern
6PM Central
5PM Mountain
4PM Pacific

Ken Atchity

Hollywood Producer who sold the newest Hollywood Blockbuster "The Meg" and 30+ other Hollywood Deals

Daniel Hall

Bestselling Author and host of the 
Real Fast Results Podcast
What You're Going To Discover...
  • The one document you MUST have in order to sell your story to Hollywood -- without you're dead in the water.
  • Why Hollywood is like a conveyor belt and ways that you can get your story to the front of the line...
  • How drawing 1 simple line can massively impact the success of your script.
  • Why having a screenplay is actually bad for most writers to have and how it can permanently ruin your chances
  • The story elements that every producer and director look for that increase your chances of successfuly selling your story to Hollywood
This training will reveal the once hidden process for taking your book or story and get it sold to Hollywood for big bucks!